Copy Writing & Web Editing by Naomi

So you’ve just joined NAPO, registered your professional organizing business name in your state, and snagged your .com domain. Now you need website content! But—you’re not a writer, and you don’t know of many writers out there who understand precisely what it is you do. What to do?!

Naomi Fast, MA is a highly trained, experienced, and award-winning writer who also happens to run an organizing business. As your copy writer, she knows crafting your content means helping you talk through those all-important page content decisions, as they’ll be a reflection of you and your business. As long as you have a cell phone, Naomi can write web copy for you no matter where in the United States you live!

She understands what you need of a writer is the following:

*Someone to bounce ideas off of as you answer questions like, “Should I create packages to list on my website or just post hourly rates?” and “What should I say in my FAQs?” Naomi will never decide for you, but can be a sounding board as you talk things through to discover your best decisions. She’s been through those first-year professional organizing business conundrums too!

*Someone who’ll listen to you and craft your web copy in YOUR voice.

*Someone who understands copyright laws and will craft your content accordingly.

*Web copy that is grammatically correct and makes you look good.

*Web copy that effectively communicates what you do so your future clients will contact and hire you!

Interested in hiring Naomi to write for you? To inquire about her writing and web editing for small business websites, please fill out and send the following form, with a description of your project needs and your contact info: